Thursday, April 12, 2012

Villarreal CF Vs Malaga CF football liga match preview

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Villareal has lost one League match against Malaga in the last seven held at El Madrigal. The Yellos have lost the most ?League matches in the last 15 minutes. Miguel Angel Lotina has achieved two draws with villareal in League matches at home, with the Castellon side not gaining a victory in their last four games ( three draws, one defeat) Borja Valero has received the highest nuber of fouls in a League match ( nine, tied with Weiss and Diego Costa)

the three times that Malaga have defeated the Yellows in the League, they've scored two goals. The five times the Blue and Whites have been ahead on the score board at half time, has resulted in victories, and in three of these League games, the result stayed the same in the second half. MCF has received the least amount of fouls in the BBVA League this season.

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